LI Black & Latinx Therapists

BEmotionally Fit launched the Long Island Black & Latinx Therapists Listserv in October of 2020 in response to the high rate of requests for therapists of color from community members. Black and Latino people in particular face many obstacles in accessing mental health services often due to affordability, insurance, distance, language, or simply wanting someone they relate to. In creating this network of professionals we hope to make it easy for our community to get support from another person of color.

This network also serves as a space for Black and Latinx therapists to connect and support each other through community building, referrals, and resources. We currently have a group of 49 therapists including Clinical Social Workers, Art Therapists, Mental Health Clinicians, and Marriage and Family Therapists.

If you are a Black or Latinx Therapist serving Long Island and wish to join the listserv or interested in receiving therapy from one of our members send an email to